The Pillars of Justice


These are the overriding principles that we believe are important to fostering a civil, mature, and most importantly fun community of gamers.


1.  Respect

Respect is one of the most valued principles that Justice Incarnate is based on.
Members are expected to display maturity, acting with  honor, dignity, respect for  other members/players. Your actions  not only reflect on yourself,  but it reflects on us as a whole.  Violation can result in  demotion/expulsion. This applies to your  behavior in our forums, TeamSpeak, in game chat, and on official game forums.
2.  Fairness

One of the most important aspects of Justice is maintaining fairness in all things.  Members will not use cheats or exploits or engage in any behavior that violates the Terms of Use of the game you are playing. Cheating/Exploits includes the use of hacks, trainers, bots, or any other method deemed cheating or an exploit by the developers of the game you are playing. Buying in game currency, items, etc. for real cash is ONLY allowed in games where it is expressly allowed and supported by game mechanics. Never buy from 3rd party websites. A member caught cheating will be subject to expulsion from the Guild.
3.  Conflict Resolution.
ALWAYS try to resolve conflict/problems/issues with the other involved member(s) first! Should you really feel that you can’t work out the conflict/problem/issue make a JI Counselor aware of your situation. Remember that most conflicts can be avoided or resolved if you simply consider another person's point of view along with your own actions.

4.  Etiquette

Trolling, Spamming, or Flaming will not be tolerated on the Justice Incarnate Forums, at first a warning will be issued, if the problem continues, it can result in revocation of posting rights. All full members have moderation powers over the public forums. This power is granted so that anyone may quickly put a stop to a problem raised by NON members. You should not be editing other members posts unless you are a moderator. If you have a problem with another member's posting contact a moderator.
We highly encourage keeping language clean and free of profanity in both our forums, and our TeamSpeak channel. Anyone whose language is determined to be a problem by other members of the community will be asked to clean it up, or face potential removal from the guild.

Links to websites or images that contain cheats, vulgar material, pornography and other   material that is illegal by law, breaks a games Terms of Service, or is generally deemed unsuitable by Justice Incarnate is forbidden.